GoDaddy Website Builder Reviews: Make a Website in Just 5 Minutes

We use the internet in almost every field of our life. We simply cannot do without it. But, compared to its limitless uses and benefits, we do not make its optimum use. For many, the internet is not what it really means. 

To them, it is just a means of making searches in the google or watching videos, games, recipes, etc on YouTube. But what about those who run their businesses on the internet?

Yes, their life and activities revolve with the internet. It is true there are a large number of internet users who are quite a strong internet literate. They know where to start and how to carry on with their business by using it.

However, still, there are many who have little or no knowledge about the internet although they are very keen to learn it and build an internet-based career or do businesses.

The first problem that bothers them is their total ignorance about the website and how to create it. But, for them, there is a lot of good news.

There are now innumerable web hosting companies to help create your own website, and GoDaddy is one of them.

GoDaddy is the largest domain register and web hosting, provider. Again, GoDaddy is much more than just a mere web hosting company.


Its new addition Go Central, the website builder can help those who do not have any knowledge about web designing. It is very convenient and ensures your long term business growth.


So you can make GoDaddy your host but first, you need to know more about it. Here in this review, I will discuss in detail the features, pricing, merits, and
demerits that are linked to GoDaddy and its webuilding.


Features of Godaddy Website Builder



  Unlimited Bandwidth


You will have unlimited Bandwidth by using this site. Bandwidth, in simple terms, means how many people can visit your site at once. Some websites may crash if you have traffic.


But Go Central can handle any amount of traffic. There is no risk of a crash. So just relax! If you don’t, believe me, you can start with their free trial to check the bandwidth and other remarkable features.        


User Interface


One of the incredible features is the user interface. Their user interface is of such kind that one can use without any difficulty. You can effortlessly sign up. It is adorned with pre-customized dynamic designs.


GoDaddy surprises you with its over 300 themes and templates. They are designed in such a way so that you can select the one from the themes according to your needs.


The users can customize their themes. In addition to categorizing its customers, GoDaddy even matches stock photography and other elements to a particular website design, which will serve your purpose.


A user can upload his own video and images as well. It has got the drag and drop option’ to help you.


Additional tools


Again, GoCentral makes web designing an effortless task because of the tools like menus, appointment scheduling, an event calendar, and open table reservations.


It seems like opening a website akin to a piece of cake with these tools. For example, your customers simply fill out a form on your website and the appointment syncs to an online calendar to keep track.        


WordPress  Hosting


They also offer a separate ‘WordPress Hosting’ product. Though it is more expensive than other web hosting but offers auto-upgrades, security monitoring, and lots more benefits.


For instance, if you are using WordPress with GoDaddy you will get automatic WordPress core software and security updates, access to use the latest version of PHP 7 and on top of it, you will get free Microsoft Office 365 email for one year with the purchase of the annual plan. 

register a domain on godaddy

A domain is an important part of your website. With free website builder you will get a free sub-domain from GoDaddy. If you wish to register a domain I’ve an offer for you.


An efficient support team


GoDaddy’s support team is very effective. In my opinion, you can take their help to learn more about how this company invests in its products, integrate upsells, etc.


They have earned their reputation not just because of the offers and features but also some of the credit goes to their support team. A user can contact them at any wee hours too. They are available 24/7 through email, live chat, and phone.      


Other Options


  • Go Central also offers malware removal.
  • It provides the option to integrate products. 
  • Online marketing with SEO experts at a go.            


Moreover, you can add up to 1500 products. The site accepts all kinds of credit cards including PayPal and Apple Pay.


Because of its integration with Apple Pay, GoDaddy and GoCentral Online     Store let mobile users make a purchase right from a product page rather than having to add to cart. You just only need to enter payment and shipping information, and click “Purchase.”


The GoDaddy GoCentral Online Store’s application programming interface (API) takes your shipping and payment information directly from Apple.


When you are working with
GoDaddy you don’t have to think about DNS or purchasing a third party SSL.


You can certainly understand the merits of using this site but it has got some major shortcomings. It is a fact that every hosting company will limit its features in one way or the other.


In this scenario, you have to take the decision wisely to acquire maximum benefit. The features of GoDaddy to have its own limitation. This review is to make you aware of that so that you may not a blind guess.


Limited Feature in the Web Interface


GoDaddy’s website builder interface provides you instructions and free themes to choose from, but it is very simple. One of the major drawbacks is that the users cannot switch between themes.


Yes, they provide you with 300 colorful, full of designs as themes but you cannot switch between them with your content. You cannot change the layout.


Moreover, you will not be able to edit the HTML and        CSS, much less add any other design element. Can you imagine starting your website with content that is not password protected?


No, I believe. GoDaddy’s website builder lacks this crucial feature.


Limited E-commerce facilities

Are you thinking about opening an online store through GoDaddy? You can but it only provides one e-commerce plan. By using this site, you cannot open an online store.

So you have to check other web hosting companies. GoDaddy does not include advanced e-commerce tools. It lacks flexibility.

For example, GoCentral Online Store does facilitate you to build a site, post products, and start selling them at an affordable rate.

Unfortunately, once you move past the initial stages, you will not be able to adjust your site to meet very specific requests with GoCentral.

On top of that, to have one online store you need to use an online store builder and pay a large sum of money. On the other hand, their SEO service is also very poor. 

Expensive pricing

The price you will pay for GoDaddy web hosting is high compared to other web builders in the market. The three hosting plans provided are expensive compared to the services they provide.

GoDaddy’s website builder prices start at $5.99/mo and go up to $14.99/month. Then, with an eCommerce tool addition, the pricing counts up to $19/month.

Not all kinds of package provide the same kind of features. For example among the three packages, their Business Plus plan is the highest package which offers all the features like one-click social media attachment and excellent SEO tools.

Other two plans lack the options of social media integration, online appointment scheduling or group class bookings.

This plan comes at nearly twice the cost for only a few extra features. You get an SSL certificate at your domain, PayPal donation buttons only. 

No Point-of-sale support

GoCentral Online Store doesn’t provide a developer API, so you won’t be able to have your team create connections between the tool and third-party software, and it offers no point-of-sale(POS) support.                      

GoDaddy Website Builder Alternatives 

Wix Website Builder

Wix is another well-known website builder. It is cheaper than GoDaddy. You can compare the features of GoDaddy with Wix.   


Weebly is a better choice than GoDaddy because of its advanced features and economical rate.               

Self-hosted WordPress

Self-hosted WordPress is powered by unlimited versatility, maximum control, cheaper pricing. You can rely on WordPress to write, edit,   view your blogs.        


Who does do not know that Shopify is one of the fastest growing online store builders? Yes, Everybody knows it. But, their focus is the only eCommerce.         


Superspace is another site where you can get great template designs and integration options.        

Final Words

Your website can show what you can offer to your customers both regular and potential. It is true that designing a website is a daunting task but sites like GoDaddy offers you with professional services to make the work easy for you.

If you are new in the area of website building, you can easily take the help of the guide provided by GoDaddy. As a newbie, you can follow the step by step tutorials to set up your unique website.

But, At the end of the day, the choice will be yours. You can pick GoDaddy for its convenience or you can always have alternatives to choose from.

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