Can HostGator beat GoDaddy? HostGator VS GoDaddy Review

The numerous web hosting sites that you will get in just a click will surely baffle you. It is completely overwhelming for someone who is new in this arena of web hosting. Websites are offering more and more opportunities to explore. 

They are developing each day. With them, you can also build and develop your website. But first, you need to figure out which web hosting site can serve your purpose most efficiently.


I have already covered GoDaddy web hosting site but now I would like to look for alternatives that are also in many ways as good as GoDaddy. GoDaddy is an eminent domain register with super speed and over 125 + one-click applications. 

It will make your journey as a web developer smoother. However, in recent times a good number of other web hosting companies have emerged and are at the peak of the popularity. 

HostGator is one such name. In this review, I will look at HostGator, a comparatively new web hosting site usually tailored for all level of users, both new and advanced. 

However, in my opinion, HostGator is a good choice small business not for larger ones. It provides various improved features with all kinds of hosting plans. But now let us go for a quick comparison. 

If I can compare and contrast both the sites you can easily figure out which one stands out to be the best for the clients. A comparison will highlight that GoDaddy and HostGator have more differences than similarities.

Uptime and speed 

First, most of the web developers worry about the traffic they need to handle. Both HostGator and GoDaddy offer a standard level of uptime in most cases. 


First of all, The uptime of HostGator is 99.9%. They will compensate to its customers with one month credit if at any time the server fails to get the mark. HostGator ensures uninterrupted bandwidth for you as well.


GoDaddy offers both 99.97 % uptime. There is no bandwidth limit. Besides, GoDaddy has committed to offering greater speed. Its average speed is 517 ms, which is a good speed considering your work. 

For example, if you are dealing with numerous images you can easily compress them by using Content Delivery Network (CDN) which can increase the speed of your site. 

GoDaddy gives you the power to control elements directly to speed up the whole process. However, sometimes you will find that the uptime server is down which can hamper your work. 

SEO tools and Integration Facilities

You can also explore developer-friendly tools like cPanel, MySQL, CloudLinux, Python, and multiple versions of PHP to make your website more edgy, informative and dynamic with both the sites. 


HostGator runs its program on LinuxX86 CentOS 6 64 bit operating system. It has also got a website builder site named Gator. You can easily use the drag and drop builder and create your website. HostGator accounts use cPanel. 

It makes the site more user-friendly. The SEO tools will surely facilitate your search experience. 

Additional features that I would like to tell you are the HD video embedding and Google Analytics. 


With GoDaddy, you can choose between Windows and Linux. It also offers cPanel to monitor and control websites. You won’t be disappointed by using the drag and drop modules after you sign up.

Host Migration Policy

In case of migration from one account to another, you will face challenges. 


GoDaddy does not offer any free site migrations. And if you want them to do it for you, the rate is $99.99/site and might take at least 7-10 days. So it is both costly and sluggish. 


On the other hand, HostGator offer free migration for new accounts and accounts that are being upgraded that entails a server move within 30 days of signup or upgrade.

Support for Different Web Hosting Accounts

Features like these will definitely enhance your user experience. However, that’s not all.


HostGator also empowers you with VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Windows Hosting and Application Hosting the list goes on. 

If you take VPS hosting, For example, ensures your data is protected with RAID 10 disk configuration and HVAC units. You will also receive weekly off-site backups of your entire website, a full suite of development tools to aid the functions and designs of your site.

VPS hosting plans comes priced as $29.95/month, $39.95/month, and $49.95/month respectively. The most amazing and innovative feature of HostGator is that you can not only run your own website but also become a web host yourself. 

It might sound unbelievable. As a user, you earn the power to resell your hosting plans by using HostGator’s servers. 


On the contrary, GoDaddy cannot serve you with such a wide range of hosting plans. For instance, GoDaddy does not provide you with any sort of Cloud Hosting and Managed Cloud Hosting. 

Again, many of the reviewers have pointed out that while using their Managed WordPress Hosting plans they have faced problems.

Access to  Multiple Domains  

Most of the web developers are always concerned about domains. 


One of the most significant advantages of using HostGator is that you can run multiple domains under a single server. Both Its Baby and Business Plan gives you the opportunity to operate unlimited domains.


A free domain is included with GoDaddy’s annual plan. 

E-commerce Features

Another feature that drew my attention is the e-commerce facilities.


E-commerce shopping cart and inventory management facilities have added a bonus of using HostGator. You can get 10 product pages and OpenCart payment processing and shopping solutions. 


In GoDaddy, you do not get any app store to add more features that you might require for your website.

Range of Hosting Plans and Subscriptions

Like any other service providers web hosting plans also comes with subscriptions. You need to be careful in this part because many of them promise a free sign up or low price when you start but later the sum of money just adds up. 

There can be hidden charges and checkout charges too. Let’s look at HostGator and GoDaddy’s offers.


HostGator offers unmetered hosting resources at a reasonable price for all shared web hosting plans. The shared hosting plans are cheap and you might be interested to learn more about them. 

The price of their introductory offer is only $2.75 for 36 months, which is the lowest compared to others. 

HostGator’s monthly renewal cost is only $6.95 whereas the price for renewal for GoDaddy is $7.99. 

HostGator automatically renews your domains before they expire to save your valuable data. 

The Baby Plan is also very cheap at $3.99 and the Business Plan is at only $5.99. What excites me most is that you will get 60% off on all their plans. 

And that’s not all, with HostGator you will get additional credits worth $200. You can use your PayPal account for all the transactions.


But for GoDaddy the offers are expensive. It’s Economy Plan is worth $2.99 and the renewal fee is $7.99. 

A user will only get 10 GB storage, unmetered bandwidth, free email, and domain name only for a year. 

The next plan is Deluxe which comes with all the features of Economy Plan and added unlimited storage and subdomains. 

However, the difference in price is much higher. The plan starts at $4.99 and can be renewed at $10.99/ month. 

The Ultimate Plan includes more features like an SSL certificate, premium DNS and unlimited databases that will cost $ 5.99 and can be renewed at $16.99. 

GoDaddy’s highest tier is offered a whopping $ 12.99 and can be renewed at $ 29.99. The renewal price will definitely haunt you.

On the surface, the cost of Godaddy looks affordable but in reality, there are always hidden fees and charges that you need to pay. 

The upper-tier prices are expensive but you do not get any better performance for paying the high price. Contrarily, you will have to pay more again and again. 

At checkout as well, you need to pay a large sum of money, around double the rate than the initial stage. 

Take extra caution during checkout. 

GoDaddy will also try to sell you maximum extra services at this time. They will automatically offer you website backups, which will cost another $2.99/month for three years. 

Furthermore, it is great that the Business plan allows making your transactions through PayPal. 

If you are planning to have an online store to implement this you will need the highest plan. However, for that same price, you will find better options with other companies.

Safety Measures

If your website is under attack from malware and other viruses you cannot run your business smoothly. It can take your sleep away. Let’s look at the safety measures. 


To ensure safety, most of the web hosting sites, prefer Cloud Technology. HostGator is not an exception to this. HostGator offers both shared and private SSL. 

It’s Baby HostGator Plan and Hatching HostGator Plan both offer shared SSL. 

On the other hand, its higher-tier plans give you private SSL certificates. HostGator supports PCI compliance but the problem is that it does not run automatically.


If you look at the security features of GoDaddy you will surely be disappointed. Neither of them is up to the mark at all. It will certainly hinder your overall performance. 

In GoDaddy, you can become a member but no password protection is available for different pages. 

The top hosts in the market usually have features like an SSL certificate on every plan. This is a significant service provided by most of the web hosting companies. 

This service is required to run a site today. Unfortunately, GoDaddy does not offer any of these features in their lower rate plans, which leads to a lot of the upsells along the way. 

Unlike GoDaddy, Other hosts will give you backups and website security too. But those will cost you another $2.99/month and $5.59/month respectively.

Customer Service

At times customer service will make or break your website. Always check what kind of customer service the web hosting site offer for you. 


HostGator’s customer service is of good quality. They are reachable and very responsive through live chat, email, and phone. Besides, HostGator’s help center is filled with 680+ help articles and 500+ video tutorials as a guide to help you set your website step by step. 

Moreover, the experts of their team will give you monthly phone calls to discuss marketing campaign and your progress. 

You can also opt to get their one-on-one training to handle your website.


Some clients faced issues with GoDaddy’s customer service. They are available at live chat and phone. 

One of the reviews highlights that GoDaddy takes 48 hours of wait time to receive a response when a trouble ticket is submitted. 

Each follow-up response may also take 48 hours. So unless the answer is got in just one response, it could be weeks to troubleshoot an issue. 

Tools for Website Design

Finally, website designs will help your website to stand out. A user-friendly website can increase traffic more. 

Host Gator

HostGator web design professional will come forward to help you. They will provide you with premium templates and not only that up to 3 pages of SEO-friendly content just according to your requirements. 

The SEO expert will teach you strategies that will increase the traffic significantly for your website.


The available web designs of GoDaddy are modern. One can add new sections but changing their design is limited since every section has a predefined look. 

It takes away your creativity and freedom. The dashboard is available in English and many other languages. 

However, there is no option to create a multilingual website. 


There are a ton of web hosting options. Bluehost, Dreamhost, SiteGround, A2 Hosting, HostGator and GoDaddy are just a few of them. After going through the features and services of both the sites the differences strike me hard. 

I can analyze that compared to the prices of GoDaddy’s plans provide very basic services. 

Unfortunately, some standard features are completely absent. Besides, the Economy Plan lacks facilities like SSL Certificate, backups, security, or site migrations. 

On the other hand, HostGator’s amazing features win my heart. From user-friendly interface to advanced security options HostGator has it all. You can overcome the limitation of GoDaddy with HostGator. 

Using HostGator as your web hosting site can make your journey as a web developer free of hassles and worries.

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