Employee Scheduling System 7shifts review

Employee Scheduling Software, 7 Shifts Review

Scheduling plays a vital role in the growth of your business. It improves the productivity of the employees. Scheduling can help you to record what to do next. 

Almost every organization does scheduling to improve its productivity level. But most of the companies do it manually in notebooks or in spreadsheets. Even I did my employee scheduling in spreadsheets for my businesses. 

But as we know the technology is updating day by day. There are some online cloud-based scheduling systems are available in the market. One of the most popular Scheduling systems is 7 Shifts.

It is an employee scheduling tool which helps you to reduce labor cost, saves both money and time. 7 Shifts will also help you to create a more efficient restaurant management system with perfect schedules. However, 7shifts will also allow you to create an engaged workforce.

Why 7 Shifts?

If you ask me why you should use 7Shifts, then I would tell you that it has come up with amazing features. 7 Shifts will definitely help you to grow your business. All these features help 7 Shifts to stand out among its competitors. I would love to share some of the core features of 7 Shifts.

Cloud-based scheduler

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As I have mentioned before, most of the existing organizations have done their scheduling either on spreadsheets or on their notebooks. But there is a huge possibility of mistakes if you use these methods. 

That is why 7 Shifts has been introduced in the market. It is a Cloud-based Staff Scheduler platform that has a drag and drops feature. It has a simple interface which is really very easy to use.

7 Shifts will store all the information on their cloud server. It means you can access the information from anywhere around the world.

Communication with the employees

7 Shifts is a cloud-based platform. It allows you to connect and communicate with your employees anytime you want. All of your employees including you can communicate through the platform.

Moreover, 7 Shifts introduces a facility where your employees or teammates can set their availability through the app. When it is approved by the manager it will be automatically updated. This feature will help you to assign the available employees during a specific time. It will help you to manage your business effectively.

7 Shifts also allows you to send individual messages as well. It also allows you to create a group chat or making an announcement.

Feedback facility

Whether you are a manager or an owner, you always need to have a birds-eye on the progress of your business. 7 Shifts has a feature where you can check the team engagement stats, dropped shifts, lates, etc. on each location.

After a shift ends, all of your teammates have to complete a survey about their current shift. It will help you to analyze your business more accurately. It will help you to increase their job satisfaction as well.

Improve your business operations

When you are doing business, it is important to improve your operations according to your client’s and employees demands. If you don’t it can hamper your business growth.

7 Shifts is such a platform where you can easily track your business performance. You can monitor your business no matter where you are. This feature will give you a clear analysis report to improve your business operation.

Optimizing  staff productivity

When you make your schedules in spreadsheets or manually on a notebook, it can cause mistakes. 7 Shifts is such a platform where you can schedule your employees without doing any mistakes. 

It will show you the available employees at a specific time, so it will be easier for you to choose the right teammates at the right time. Besides, it has a drag and drops feature which will help you to optimize your time and energy.


7 Shifts has different pricing plans for their clients. You can choose according to your needs. They have four pricing plans like Comp, Appetizer, Entrée, and The Works.

Comp is for those who need simple scheduling. Comp is completely free. 7 Shifts won’t charge you anything for this. Comp includes some great features like  Staff scheduling & notifications, Free post-trial support, Time off requests & Staff availability features, etc. If your restaurant has only 10 employees and if your restaurant is situated in one location, Comp will be the perfect choice for you.

The appetizer is a Quick and easy scheduling plan of 7 Shifts. It will cost $17.99/month per location. You can add up to 20 employees and it has multi-location support for their clients. The appetizer is offering Some of its features are Staff Engagement Dashboard, Basic time clock, Task Management, POS integration (sales), SMS Notifications, and many more features.

If you are looking for an Advanced scheduling plan for your restaurant, you should choose their Entrée plan for your restaurant. It will cost you $39.99/month per location. It will also give you multi-location support. Besides, you can add unlimited employees here.

If you want to improve your restaurant operations and reduce your labor costs you should choose the work category. It costs $69.99/month per location. It has some amazing features. Advanced time clock & compliance, Staff Engagement Dashboard, Staff scheduling & notifications, Time off requests, Staff availability, Advanced reporting, POS integration (sales & labor), SMS Notifications, Schedule templates, etc. are some of its features.

If you want something that will help you to reduce your labor cost, increase your business operations then I would highly recommend you choose 7 Shifts’ The work pricing plan. It will cost you $69.99/month per location. This pricing plan includes some exciting features like   Time off requests, Staff availability, Advanced reporting, POS integration (sales & labor), SMS Notifications, Schedule templates, and so on.

All of the pricing plans of 7 Shifts have a 14 days free trial facility except the Comp pricing plan. So, if you have any doubts about using 7 Shifts, you can enjoy their 14 days free trial facility. Don’t worry it’s completely free. You don’t need to pay them anything for the free trial.

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