Crashplan for Small Business Reviews: Best Backup Software

Jane was going to Cox’s Bazaar to present a paper on biodegradable products. She has been running her small business for the last two years. She has heard about Bangladesh and its jute products from one of her friends.

She came here to share her experiences with others and learn more about the initiatives are taken up, especially by the Bangladesh government.

She was confident of convincing the audience about her products and I was optimistic about capturing the local market over a period of time and also bringing about a positive impact in respect to global acceptance.

However, in the end, she was not successful. Why? Because there is many a slip between the cup and the lips. Accidentally, her computer in which she had stored all her resources crashed; again, unfortunately, she did not have any backup plan.

However, she believes that every dark cloud has a silver lining. Therefore when she discussed this particular incident with Nick, her friend he instantly recommended Crash Plan Reviews, one of the leading backup service providers till date.

She searched about it on the internet and here is what she found out about CrashPlan Reviews. 

Crash Plan Reviews

Have you heard about Code 42 Software Inc? Code 42 is an American software company that develops and markets the Crash Plan Reviews, an online backup service provider.

You can backup unlimited data on your computers although initially, they want you to create a social networking site like Facebook. However, their attempt was unsuccessful and they ended up developing Crash Plan Reviews instead.

Its basic version is offered as a freemium software to create an automated daily local backup at no cost. It was launched in 2017. In the beginning, they started their operations with both home-based and business category.

But later on, they solely focused on small business ventures. As a result, they have lost some of their popularity and clients but still, they are in the race.  

Features of CrashPlan for Small Business

Unlimited Storage Space

You can backup any size of the file, to begin with.  They provide you unlimited storage space. 

Super Speed level

Crash Plan Reviews can back up a 100MB file in just about 40 seconds. It easily beats out competing products like Carbonite and IDrive.


There is no bandwidth throttling. There’s no sort of cap once you get to 10TB of data. They used advanced bandwidth level. 

Integration of apps and devices

The most interesting fact is that it supports Windows all versions, MacOs, Linux. Moreover, you can access iOS, tablet, Android, Windows phone, all of them through Crash Plan Pro. You can work and make a backup from anywhere. Isn’t it great! 

Access from multiple devices

Crash Plan Reviews enables your business to backup files in multiple locations, be it on other computers, hard drive, and remote servers. With 448-bit Blowfish encryption, you can be assured that your files are safe. 

No versioning limitation

Add on that the amazing feature of no versioning limitation. This feature allows you to revert back to previous file versions or states in case of unwanted changes or file corruptions. Setting your own versioning policy is also easy by using the desktop client.

Usage of external drives

Moreover, ibackup from Mapped drive and backup from external drive options are also available.

Excellent File Recovery Options

CrashPlan provides you with super recovery options. When the time comes to get your files back, CrashPlan gives you a number of options. The process is really simple to understand for any user. 

First, you can launch the desktop client and go to the “Restore” tab. From here, you can navigate all your stored folders and select which files would you like to recover from the server.

You can select which file version would you like to recover in the file selection window. Another way to recover your data is through the web browser tool. 

Merits that make Crash Plan Reviews Stand out

While researching about CrashPlan Reviews I find out numerous advantages of using it. I would like to mention a few here.   

The most significant advantage of using this backup app is the backup process which is automatic and continuous. This means that as soon as a change occurs in the data being stored, it is backed up within the same minute.

Another good news for you is that Crash Plan Reviews can retain the deleted files that you thought you could never get back. It means even the deleted files remain in the server forever.  The important files and images can be successfully retrieved if necessary.

CrashPlan Reviews allows you to allocate just how much processing power will be used while backing up. Alternatively, you can run scheduled backups instead in this regard. 

Their user interface is very strong with full of navigation tabs.  The navigation tabs are neatly organized on the left portion of the interface where you can access functions like backup, restore, settings, history, and destination. Overall, from my experience, the interface is easy enough to use.

If your account remains inactive for a long time not need to worry because within 180 days inactive account can be retained. 

Other cloud sync solutions like Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive only size files from one device to another but CrashPlan Reviews protects your data from damage. 

CrashPlan’s for Small Business Pricing

Considering the services it provides, I think the price you need to buy it is reasonable and affordable. Unfortunately,  you can buy one plan for one computer and it can be considered as a drawback. 

On the other hand, Crash Plan Reviews competitors like both Carbonite and IDrive are used to create a backup from multiple devices. CrashPlan Reviews’s policy is very straightforward in this regard if you want excellent service, you need to pay more.

However, CrashPlan reviews provide you with one month trial. So I think after using this site for 30 days you will not say no to paying only $10 dollars per month to enjoy these wonderful services more.  

Customer Support

While researching about this topic I found out that Crash Plan Reviews have a detailed support page with all the frequently asked questions with their answers.

Just by browsing the help section, you should be able to troubleshoot the most common issues without getting in touch with support personnel. They are reachable through email and chat as well. You can also get a backup status alert by email.

CrashPlan Reviews provide standard quality security features

I ensure you that CrashPlan offers high-quality security protection for your data. It has been doing great business after launching. It was a big hit in many educational institutions, like schools, colleges, and universities.

Apart from them, banks also used it widely to safeguard any critical information.  You might ask why did they use it so widely? It is because of their amazing security features.

In CrashPlan, data are always encrypted. If you compare to all the competitors, CrashPlan has the highest level of encryption among them. Data usually are password-protected and stored in a proprietary format.

You will also find a feature for a secure private key. Corporate users that have CrashPlan PRO backup to private servers instead of Code42’s data centers in four out of five cases.

The software has an option to create a private on-site backup server as well. You should know that CrashPlan uses the standard AES-256 encryption for the backed-up data. Transmissions are then scrambled using 128-bit encryption.

Demerits that Need your Attention

File sharing and preview are not possible. It is baffling that you cannot do file sharing. This means that you need to download the files first and open them with the right software just to view them.

There is also the lack of a search feature for finding files.

That is you cannot integrate other files or apps. No sync option is available. 

 It also lacks two-factor authentications.

Final Words

From these above reviews we can understand that if you are running a business, there’s simply no excuse to not have a backup when there are many online backup solutions available to you.

Crash Plan Reviews is one of them. It provides true unlimited backups. It’s completely online based software and no offline backup options and restore options are not available.

It has got a good set of security features. The speed facto also need your consideration. The system backs up your files automatically when you are working on something else.

They have quality customer support too. I would recommend you should give Crash Plan Reviews a try and experience the difference. It will save you from future catastrophe.

After reading this Jane immediately downloaded  CrashPlan Reviews. She has been using this amazing software for a while. She is a happy client and she has been highly benefitted. 

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