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Gone are the days of (writing) letters, telephone, telegram, telex, and fax. They are completely part of the old school.

The tradition of writing letters is gone with the introduction of electronic mail or email. Our telephones have been replaced by smartphones. Telegrams and telex are also long gone by.

All these are replaced by SMS or MMS. But what about the fax? Scanned documents and images could be sent by a machine called telecopier even a decade ago.

This is also a bygone story. But, would you believe that you can still send your documents by means of fax. Yes, it is true. Efax has made it possible. Efax is a software which carries out the job successfully.

With the help of eFax, you can send your documents and images to any place within a short time.

Since eFax is a new addition to the vast field of internet and web-related technology, you may not have heard about it. Hence I am going to share with you how Efax can bring positive changes plus ease and comfort to your work life.

Efax Reviews

People who are constantly trying to create something new often get a dividend. The moment they saw fax machines and its use sometimes look cumbrous, they wanted to get a quick replacement.

So they found Efax where no extra device is required. Your computer, tablet or smartphone are used to serve the purpose of what fax would do.

Features of eFax

Provides Free Mobile Fax Apps

The first feature that drew my attention is the option to use free fax apps for mobile. It means I can fax any document from my phone.eFax is offering mobile apps for Android (version 4.4 or later) and iPhone (version 9 or later).          

Use of Optical Character Recognition

eFax processes your received faxes by utilizing optical character recognition, or OCR, to make faxes searchable by their contents.       

Electronic Signature:

eFax offers you the provision of attaching a digital signature to fax—not to be confused with a cryptographic digital signature—via the web interface, but the procedure is difficult.

At first, you need to fax yourself an image of your signature and crop it on eFax’s site. Then add the signature to any faxes in your account. HelloFax, another online fax service provider’s signature feature, is far better.              

Excellent Editing tools

eFax offers amazing and very useful text-editing tools to fill out forms. It helps you to tag fax messages and organize them into folders.

Additionally, you can view your own fax history as well. The history is stored on the website for an indefinite time period.              

Life Time Storage and Online Retrieval Option

With their storage capacity and online retrieval options you can upload, edit, save and view any number of the fax from any device. By using any package you can get unlimited storage space.

The user can easily attach third-party cloud storage apps like DropBox, Google Drive, and iCloud

eFax 30-day Free trial

eFax offers 30 days free trial. As a user, you can find out more about their service by getting this free trial.               

Managing your own contact list

By using efax you can not only create your own contact list but also manage it the way you want.               

Ensures 24/7 customer service

Their customer service is of top quality. A client can reach them for any kind of help regarding faxing.                   

International fax numbers for Free

The most significant facility that eFax provides, is International fax numbers. By using eFax you can opt for your own local, toll-free or international fax number. They offer fax numbers throughout the world approximately in 40 countries.

Furthermore,   you can also easily transfer over your current or existing fax number to your eFax account. For example, you can opt for a US-based toll-free number for no additional charge.

This is an advantage for many businesses, as very few online fax services offer this range of international numbers.           

So the clients can go beyond the local market to reach a global platform by using international fax numbers.     

How does eFax work?

When you visit their site by providing your area code and opening your own account a whole new world of faxing is open to you. They follow very easy steps to fax or receive a document.

The first step is very simple. Like any other app, you need to log in to the MyAccount page and select SEND FAXES option. Here you have to enter the recipient’s details or you can select them right from your contacts.    

In the second step, you will see a box where you can write your messages. It will be used as your cover sheet. You will be able to attach up to      10 documents. When your message is read, hit the send button. Here you can use pre-customized templates as well.            

Like a usual fax document, your recipient will receive it in no time.  

What are the other more conventional approaches to send your fax?

eFax provides you with eFax messenger option. It means you can use the free eFax messenger tool to create, edit, send and view your documents.       
You can explore the option of eFax mobile app on your iOS and Android device as well.
Last but not on the least is that using your email to fax a document.           

The procedures may sound very simple but the drawback is that eFax does not have a very strong user interface. It looks more like a Hotmail client.

Additionally, full fax attachments can be opened via a tiny hyperlink at the bottom of your fax inbox (though you can double-click the fax to open them in a new tab).

You also have to manually steer through attachment pages as not all of the interface’s views shows a full document preview. It can be time-consuming.

On the other hand, research shows that mFax and Hello Fax offer advanced and modern interfaces. Clients can set up their own route inbound faxes in a just a few minutes.

eFax Pricing and Plans

eFax offers three different kinds of packages for its customers. They all include very advanced facilities.

The facilities that you can avail are multiple users, unlimited storage, searchable faxes and most importantly share files as large as up to 3 GB.

The difference between the prices is also minimal. The packages can be expensive to some extent. It also charges you extra money for one time set up.

eFax Plus:

This plan is offered at $16.95 and it is the cheapest among all the packages. You need to pay $10 as setup free and can get the opportunity to send and receive a fax of 150 pages/ per month.                  

eFax Pro:

eFax considers this package as their best value. It charges you $             19.95/ per month. The setup fee is the same as eFax only $10. By using this offer you will send and receive 200 pages/month.                    

eFax Corporate:

But, in case you need more pages for your business you have the option of customization. Under this page, you can get scalable page volume, HIPAA compliant and BAA. Besides, Fax API for easy integration can be done.         

eFax provides you with the option to upgrade anytime. And if you run out of monthly pages then you do not need to worry at all. eFax takes the responsibility to send out your faxes.

Security and Reliability

Not only eFax is expensive but its security features are also not of high-quality. Many clients have faced problems regarding security issues. Here are the things you need to know about security.

During account setup, they asked for a four-digit passcode that can be easily figured out by others. On the other hand, eFax does present you with an enhanced security option.

When it is enabled, it will limit your access to faxes via an email link that requires your eFax number and passcode. This option also requires an SSL connection.

If you go for this setting, you won’t be able to search, tag, sign, or add comments to your faxes. Particularly, eFax does not include any two-factor authentication option.

Adding two-factor authentication system can certainly provide any client with more security while faxing. However, you can access all of your important account settings, such as your associated email addresses and billing details, etc.

Final Verdict

In comparison with other online fax service providers, Efax does not stand a chance. Although it has got many positive sides, the monthly price is too high. I think it is not a fair deal at all.

Their web interface is also of poor quality. Apart from two major drawbacks, eFax does provide services like e-signing, access to iOS and Android mobile apps, a HIPPA compliance option 24/7 support and on top of that international faxing capability. Efax can be your choice for online faxing.

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