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Freshbook Review

Accounting plays a major role in the growth of a business. If you can not maintain your accounts properly, you won’t be able to enhance your business. If we go through the history of business, there are many businesses who became vanished from the industry because they did not maintain their accounts properly. 

There was a time when people used to maintain accounts manually on notebooks. It was risky. Because there was a huge possibility of mistakes, documents might be lost, etc. etc. Then people started to maintain their accounts on spreadsheets. It was also risky because if one entry went wrong, the whole effort will be in vain. 

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In both cases, you need to hire employees to maintain your accounts or you need to know to account. Both of the methods will worth time and money.

Now things have changed. There are lots of accounting software available in the market. This software will save both your time and money. You don’t need to hire anyone to maintain your accounts or you don’t need to know to account.

You just need to purchase the software, add your transaction information and it will do the rest. Besides, all the information is stored in cloud storage. So, all of your information will be secured and you can access it from anywhere around the world.

One of my most favorite cloud-based online accounting software is Freshbook. I have been using it for a long time and it saves a lot of my time and money so that I can implement those time and money on the other sides to improve my business.

Some of you might have heard about Freshbook. But I will share about Freshbook, its Pricing, and Features for those who don’t have any idea about this amazing product.

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About FreshBooks

If you are looking for cloud-based accounting software that will save your time, money, and energy you should choose Freshbook. Freshbook has started its journey in 2003. So far, Freshbook has served 24 million customers worldwide.

Besides, Freshbook paid more than $60 million USD invoices and 192+ hours have been saved from its customers.

Freshbook believes in 4E Philosophy. 4E means to execute extraordinary experiences every day. Freshbook has a group of a smart, hardworking and dedicated team who has come up with creative ideas to serve their clients.


When we choose a product or service, the first thing we look for is the features. Like all other products, Freshbook has all the similar features. But there are a few features that make FreshBooks different.

  1. Access from anywhere

Freshbook is cloud-based accounting software. It means all of your information will be stored in a cloud server. Freshbook allows its users to access their information from any device they want. They have iOS and Android apps for mobile devices which will make your job easier.

  1. Customer Support

Customer support is an important factor while choosing a product. When we choose something new, we need assistance. Freshbook has an award-winning customer support team who are crazy, dedicated, experienced, and helpful. According to my experience, the customer support of Freshbook is faster than anyone else.

  1. Security

Whenever we want to do something online, the first thing that strikes our mind is security. Though Freshbook is a cloud-based platform, it is highly secured than others. They are using industry-standard SSL and encryption to keep your information safe.

  1. Easy to use

Freshbook has introduced a simple interface for its users. Anyone having basic computer skills can use this tool. You don’t need any training or hire an accounting expert to use FreshBooks. You can use it by yourself. 


As I have said before, Freshbook is accounting software. It includes all the accounting related products that a business needs. You can choose all of them or any of the products you want based on your requirements.

  1. Invoice

Whatever business you are doing, the invoice is important. You always need a smart, professional invoice for your business. What we do is we hire a designer to design our invoice. It costs a lot of money. But If you use Freshbook they will provide you professional invoices and they will help you to do the accounts.

  1. Expenses

Every company has its own expenses. You need to record it as well. What we do it, we keep all our receipts in a box and if any of them are missing, we are done. Those days are over now. Freshbook is offering you an expense manager to organize all of your expenses easily. You can track down all the expenses when necessary.

  1. Time Tracking

Whenever we are doing any business, we have deadlines. Right? Sometimes it’s hard to track down your employees and we miss our deadlines. From now on, you don’t need to worry about time tracking.

Freshbook is also offering a time-tracking product to track down your employees. You don’t need to look at your clock and calendar all the time. You can use it and focus on your own job. If you want to know about any deadlines, you can go through the report to find out the condition and make a decision on that.

  1. Projects

This product of Freshbook is just amazing. Now you don’t need to check mail of your client and update your teammates to make changes. If you are using this product, you can add your contractor in the interface. Now you can work with your clients together. It will help you and your employees to make your job done faster.

  1. Payments

With the payment product of Freshbook, you can make payments faster. As you know, sometimes payments can be delayed due to many circumstances. 

But with this product, all your payments will be on time directly through the invoices. You can make payments with a single click. 

When you make payments, all the charges will be shown and there will be no hidden charges. However, you can also receive advanced credit card payments online.

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  1. Accounting

Freshbook has a double-entry accounting system for its users. It ensures accurate calculations of profits and losses. It will help you to make a balance sheet, ledger, trial balance, etc. for your business to make the best decision.

  1. Estimates

All of us know that we need to send an estimate to our clients before starting a project.  If it is approved then we need to convert it to a complete invoice. Freshbook estimates will help you to convert the estimate to ready to pay the invoice directly.

  1. Reports

Every business requires a business report each year to analyze their business, making plans for next year, etc. Freshbook Reports will help you to do that. It will help you to create a report for you whenever you need them. 


If you are looking for an affordable perfect pricing plan for any accounting software, then I would suggest you go through the pricing plans of Freshbook. They have amazing plans to support your business. 

They have divided their four pricing plans on a monthly and Yearly basis. Four of its pricing plans are Lite, Plus, Premium, and Select.

These pricing plans have tons of features. Prices are really affordable in terms of features. Among the four plan selected is a custom pricing package. If you need any customized support, you should definitely choose the select plan. Besides, you can also request a demo if you want. The demo will be provided for free.

One Month Free Trial!

If you think my review is not appropriate and fails to convince you to choose Freshbooks, you can enjoy their one-month free trial. It won’t cost you any money. You can cancel it whenever you want to.

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