Online Fax is better than email

Why Online Fax is better than Email?

Recently the most controversial topic in the technology industry is comparing the two most used ways of business communication. That is which one is better between email and online fax?

In most of the business, email is highly used as a way of communication. On the other hand, fax has been used as a way of business communication for a long period of time.

The long wait is over. We are here to compare these two amazing communication tools. We will discuss which one is better and why.

According to our research, Online fax is better than email. We have reasons on behalf of online fax. 

Those who do not know what is online fax is, we will give you an overview of the email and online fax, and then we will share the facts that will show you that online fax is better than email.

What is an Email?

Email is a digital way of communication with a single or multiple users at the same time. In simple words, Email is the digital version of writing a letter and post it to a letterbox. 

It is a way where you can send messages to your clients and they can receive it instantly. There are so many websites like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. that help you to send emails. 

It does not ask you for a single penny. You need to open an account and you can send emails to anyone you like. 

What is Online Fax?

We all know that fax is a telephonic transmission way of sending any document. Online fax is similar to that. It will send a document via a computer network.  

When you will use online fax, it will remove the consumption of papers. Besides, it will not consume any extra space in your office.

Online Fax over Email – Which one will You Choose?

It is very difficult between these two. Both of them are amazing. But there are some facts that always influence me to think that online fax is better than an email. It might vary in your case. There are two core things. One is money and the other is security.

First of all, you need to choose what is your priority? If you think you don’t want to spend money on online fax because it will cost you money, then you should choose an email.

Whereas you can choose online fax if security of your information is your priority. 

Why email is not secure and why online fax is secure I will describe it on the later part of the content. Along with that, I will also share some other facts to show you online fax is better than email.


As I have said before, Security is the core feature of online fax. When you send an email, it is not encrypted. That means anyone can read your email before it has been received by the recipient.

However, Online fax is transmitted through a computer network, so that the documents will be encrypted and you can track the fax until delivery.

You might say, there are ways to send secure email as well. Yes, there are ways. But the process is not that simple and the risks of malware and spyware for both sender and receiver will always be there.


In an organization, we receive hundreds of emails every single day. It is not possible to find out any specific email among all of these quickly. Because they are not sorted.

If you online fax all the faxes are archived in such a way that you can find your desired document in the shortest possible time.

E-signature Features

Online fax has a feature where you can add your own e-signature. You just need to sign on a blank paper and scan it and put it where you want to add it to the document. It is as simple as that. An e-signature will add value and authenticity to the document.

Delivery Confirmation feature

When we send an email to someone, we type the email, add necessary documents, and send it to the recipient. We don’t even know that he received the email or not until we get a reply from them. In online fax, we will get a confirmation as soon as the fax delivers to its destination.


Email is the most newly invented technology and many people are using it as a way of communication. I am not saying that email is bad or Online fax is the best. What I am saying is there are some facts that show that using online fax will give you some advantage. You can feel secure. You will not need to worry about online threats and all.

However, Online fax is a cloud-based service. It means you can access your information from anywhere and any of your devices.