How to Choose an Eye-catching Suitable Domain Name for Your Business

If you want to grow your business online, you will definitely need a website. For a website, a domain and a hosting is a must.

A domain is your brand. It is something that will create the first impression of your website. 


Well, when people search for anything on Google, the website link also shows in the search results. If your domain name is attractive, unique, and memorable visitors will definitely visit your website.

That means you need to choose an eyecatching suitable domain name for your business.

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How will you do that?

If you are thinking about the same thing I asked you, you are in the right place. I will share some ideas on how to choose a suitable domain name for your business.

Things to Consider

Choose a unique name

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While you are choosing a domain name, try to find something unique. A unique name attracts people a lot. Besides, finding a single name domain is difficult. If you find a unique name for your business, you will easily find the domain name.

Easy to read

Your domain name should be easy to read. If it is easy to read then people can remember your website name and they can visit your website anytime they want.

It will also help you to create a brand for yourself. If you select a name that is difficult to pronounce, it will be hard to create your website as a brand. Because people won’t remember your name.

Don’t use Numbers or Symbols

I saw many people use numbers and symbols in their domain name. I would recommend you not to do it anymore. Visitors get confused when you have numbers or symbols in your domain name.

Keep it Short

Try to keep your domain name as short as possible. Usually, a brandable domain name contains three to six characters. Seven to eight characters are standard but not more than that. 

The more short and simple your domain name will be, the more people will remember your website.

Use Keywords

While you are choosing a domain name for your business, make sure you have added your keywords in your domain name.

But this is not important all the time. If you want to create your website with your business name, then you don’t need to add any keyword. But if you want to sell any particular service online, it is better to use specific keywords in your domain name. 

Say for example you are providing plumbing services to your clients online. So your domain name should be or

Use Location

If you want to target an area, city, for your business, it is better to use your location on your domain name.

It will help you to be more specific and people will easily find your website.

Suppose, you want to do your plumbing business in Toronto. So, your domain name should be or

Select Proper Extensions

While choosing a domain name, choosing the right extension is very important. I would recommend you to go for .com extensions. It is very popular and people can easily memorize it.

Besides, you can use .co, .photography, .digital, .writer, .org, .info, etc. based on your business.

Build Your Brand

I would recommend you to think about a long-term business. If you want to earn revenue from your online business for a long time, make sure that you have made your business brandable.

Try to purchase major extensions of your domain will make your business a brand online. 


Well, it is quite simple. If you have purchased all the major extensions of your preferred name, nobody will be able to purchase the same domain name with a different extension. It will help you to keep your domain name unique.

Choosing the Right Domain

Choosing the right domain name is not that easy. I have mentioned some key points above that will help you to choose the right domain name. Now I will mention the step by step guidelines for you choose the right and eye-catching domain for your business.

Select your Domain Name

This is the most important part. If you are creative enough you can simply follow the points I have mentioned above and choose your domain name. Otherwise, you can take the help of the online domain name generator. 

You just need to write what type of business you have and it will generate thousands of domain names for you. 

Check Domain Availability

As soon as you have chosen your domain name now its time to check the domain is available or not. You will find the domain availability checker online. I would recommend you to check your domain availability through “”.

It is an amazing website. It will show you which domain extensions are available for you. Not only that it will also show you the social media availability for that particular name. 

Domain Registration

If your domain name is available to purchase, then you need to register as soon as possible. Because good domain names will be available for a limited time. You can purchase your domain name from NameCheap, or GoDaddy.

I have purchased my domains from both of them. They are providing a good service to their clients.

You are Done!

So, you have purchased your domain name. That means you have chosen an eye-catching suitable domain for your business. Those who are new in this industry are really very confused with choosing a domain name.

That’s why I have given some tips to choose the right domain name for their business. 

If you are still confused about choosing a domain name for your business, Don’t worry.

Visit, and buy the appropriate domain for you. It will costs you a lot of money. But you will get everything you need to create a brand. 

I hope you will like this content. Share your experiences with me. I would love to hear that.

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