Graphics Design Career Paths: What is Graphic Design?

Career is something that is actually unpredictable for me since my childhood. When I was a kid, my parents used to say that they want me to become a doctor. But I never wanted to be a doctor.

I was always in such a situation that I have to do it no matter what I wanted to be. I am good at designing. I feel passionate about it. I always want to build a career in design. But that time designing is not that much popular as a career.

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When I join in a medical college, my results were not that good, as I was not mentally prepared to be a doctor. After 2 years have passed I have decided to drop out of medical college.

My family was very much disappointed. Then I joined a college to do my bachelors in graphics design. During my Bachelors, I have worked on different freelancing platform as a graphics designer and earning a good amount of money.

Just before completing my bachelors, I got an opportunity to do an internship in a reputed advertising firm. This internship has changed my life. Now I have been working full time as a graphics designer and I am living my dream.

This is a story of one of my friend from India. He has been working as a graphics designer for the last 8 years. Graphics designing as a career is not that easy. You have to do a lot of hard work to survive. In the next few years, Graphics design as a profession will grow.

Here, I will share the aspects of Graphics design, what you can choose it as a profession, some tips of choosing it as a career and obviously the future of graphics design career. I hope you will like this content. 

So, Let’s Get started.

What is a Graphics Design?

Graphics Design is basically a process of creating concepts by using hands or different computer software. It helps to communicate ideas which will help to inspire, inform and captivate customers.

Graphics Design helps to develop the layout and production design for advertisements, magazines, corporate reports, brochures, etc.

Why You Should Choose Graphics Design as a profession?

There are so many people in this universe, who wanted to work in the creative industry. Some of them may be able to work and the rest will keep themselves with the job they don’t like.

There are thousands of reasons why you should choose graphic design as a career. But today, I will mention some major reasons why you should change your mind to choose Graphics Design as a profession.

Be a Problem Solver

A designer is basically a creative problem solver. Every day is a challenge. You need to work on something new so that you can flex your brain muscles.

As a designer, your job is to solve creative problems. Whereas some people will do the same stuff in spreadsheets and sending emails.

Every day is a new day

As a Graphics Designer, every day comes up with new challenges. Every day you need to work on different things, and you can learn something new on a daily basis.

There is no place for cut, copy, or paste. If you want to create a unique design, you need to work hard to bring something stunning.

You have to work for everyone

Every day is different in the designing industry. The most interesting part is that whether you work as a freelancer or an agency, you have to work for everyone.

Say, for example, you might have to design posters for the President, or you might have to design labels for wine bottles, or you can create brochures for schools and colleges, and many more.

As you can see as a designer you will have the opportunity to work for every industry of the world.

Market is Competitive

If you are a designer and think that you will earn millions of dollars at the very beginning, you are at the wrong place then. The design industry is very competitive.

A good designer can only survive here. Clients give value to talented designers. So, if you have a creative mind, you can earn something better from here.

Living Your Dream

Graphics Designing is not a job, it is like living your dream. Every day you have to work on something different. This is a place where you have to think differently.

A small detail can bring something unique. The design industry is a place where you will find lots of inspiration. These inspirations will help you to grow.

Be a part of the Global Community

Design Community is a friendly industry. All the designers are very friendly and they are ready to help each other. If you look at the social media platforms like Dribble, Behance, etc. you will find that the designers are so open-minded share their views, feedback on others design. This job will help you to work in a friendly atmosphere globally.

What you can do as a Graphics Designer?

I know many of you are interested to grow their career as a Graphics Designer. But you are not sure where you can join as a designer. You don’t need to worry about it. I am here to help you. I will share some of the paths you can join as a Graphics Designer.

Fashion Designer

Fashion designing is such a job where you can implement your skills in graphic design. In this sector, your job is to create designs for garments and accessories. This would be a challenging job because you have to do something new based on trends.

UI/UX Designer

This is the most challenging and Growing career for a Graphics Designer. As the world is becoming digital, the chances of this sector will boom in the near future. UI/UX designing might be a new sector, but if you start your career as a UI/UX designer you might be able to earn thousands of dollars from this profession.

Wedding Invitation Designer

At this time, people are spending thousands of dollars on their special day. Right now, they are looking for some creative designs for their wedding.

If you are a good designer you can design some cool and creative wedding invitation cards and earn your living from there.

Not only the wedding, but you can also design invitation cards for birthdays, Prom night, and so on.

Ebook Cover Designer

Most of the people are using smartphones nowadays. Those who love to read books, use their phones to read ebooks. There is a chance for you to design ebook covers if you can do so.

Many agencies and freelancing platforms are offering jobs for ebook cover designers. If you have a creative mind with lots of different ideas, try to make it as your profession.

Website Designer

Website is the most important thing for an online business. If you want to target global customers, you will need a website for sure. So, what you can do is to design a unique template for your customers based on their requirements. This job is almost similar to UI/UX design. It is a profitable job and if you are a good amount of revenue from there.

How you can be a Graphics Designer?

Now, I guess you probably know why you should choose this profession and what are the jobs you can do as a Graphics Designer.

Now the question is, How can you be a Graphics Designer? Is it a by born quality? Or you need to build it. 

If you say that he earns millions, he has a by the born quality and all, I have nothing, what should I do?

I would say everyone has a by born quality, you just need to channelize it. If you want to be a full-time graphics designer you need to follow the following steps.

Start developing your skills

If you want to be a full-time Graphics Designer, start developing your skills from your high school. 

Right now, all of us have access to YouTube where you can learn logo design, product packaging design, color theory, basic drawing skills, etc. So, if you want a career in this industry, Start developing yourself.

Having a Degree in Graphics Design

If you want to work in this industry it is important to have a Bachelors or Masters degree in Graphics Design. This degree will certify that you are an expert designer who is capable to design for the clients.


An internship is a process which will help you to implement your academic knowledge in a practical sector. Here, you will be able to work for the real companies that will help you to learn more about the companies, workloads, etc. It is the first step to join the professional community of Graphics Designers.

Creating a Portfolio

We all know that Resume is the most important thing for getting a job. In this case, A good portfolio is an asset for a Graphics Designer.

The more creative your portfolio is, the chances of getting a job will increase. Try to add your good projects in your portfolio in every one or two months. 

Future of Graphics Design Profession

Graphics Design is something that is important for all business. In the next 10-15 years, Graphics Design industry will elevate to a new height. All the designs will become digital.

Because of the blessings of technology 3D, Augmented Reality, and Virtual reality will continue to progress and the Designers will have so many opportunities open to sharing their ideas with the clients.

Final Verdict

Graphics Design Profession is not for everyone. You can say this is a profession like doctors, engineers, lawyers, and accountants. You need to keep yourself updated all the time.

If you can not follow the trend and keep yourself updated, this is not a profession for you. If you ask me whether you should join this profession or not I would say, that it completely depends on you.

If you are creative, always keep yourself updated with the trend, have a creative portfolio, and looking for a challenging job, then this job is for you. Prepare yourself and join the community. Life is short, so do something that you love to do.

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